8 Short Stories for Viola and Piano (Loiseleur)

Eight short pieces in modern style for Viola and Piano.

Title 8 Short Stories (8 Miniatures)
Composer Patrick Loiseleur
Reference TPR-0038
Opus number L35
Instrumentation Viola and Piano
Duration 6 minutes
Difficulty level
First performances 6 June 2010, Paris (France), Patrick Loiseleur (viola) and Thomas Lavoine (piano)
16 June 2010, Liège (Belgium)
Publication date 2010

The longest of these 8 Short Stories is barely 1 minute long. Thus, when playing those, the most important thing for the interprets is to attempt to create a different sound and a different atmosphere in each piece.

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8 Short Stories for Viola and Piano (Loiseleur)
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